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Doing a minimOOC


In this minimOOC, for Clavemat participants only, we are going through a short mini Open Online Course in order to define objectives and understand what we need in order to make thereal mOOC in September a success.

For now, the objectives of the mmOOC (minimOOC) are:

  • Defining the objectives of the mOOC, MiCosa, and Mentor program
  • Describing the various roles, expectations and responsibilities in preparation and during the mOOC
  • Choosing and testing the initial toolset with which we are going to support the mOOC, and what we suggest to the participants
  • Choosing the weekly topics that will be discussed and presented during the mOOC
  • Thinking about the 'experts', gurus, and other people who we will ask for the weekly meetings
  • Final considerations

Please add below your suggestion if something more should be discussed. 

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