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Find Collaborators

Ask your friends and colleagues to help.

Planning and facilitating an event does not need to be a solo affair. Ask your friends and colleagues to help. Find volunteers by posting flyers in nearby places, like a local coffee shop, or in online communities. Someone out there will help you, but you need to reach out to them first.

Introduce your collaborators in the Task Discussion below. If you can, take a team photograph. Comment on your peers' posts.

Alternatively, you can post your work for this challenge on your blog and link to it in the Task Discussion.

Mozilla has a wide network of community members who love to volunteer their time. If you're having trouble finding people to work with, try sending a tweet to @mozilla.

Diskutera uppgift

  • JeanAustinR sa:

    This is our team, Mozilla Philippines, with Reps and volunteers from different schools and companies

    The photo was taken during our last Summer Code Party in September 22 in the University of the Philippines. More photos in our albums in Flickr.

    i 31 oktober 2012 21:44
  • rcitow sa:

    We will be collaborating with the county library. While we don't have a photograph yet, we do plan to take pictures during our event, and can post them later.


    i 14 maj 2012 12:16
  • Jess Klein sa:

    This is my "street team" for the event. We have a combination of staff and teens from Mouse. The teens at Mouse are exceptional youth who already have some mastery of the skills that we are going to be teaching at the event. We did a pre- training session to vet our volunteers and I gave them little certificates that I just made up to tell them they were on the planning and facillitation committee- just to make them feel special for taking on this role. Meredith, the staff person from Mouse is great because she is taking care of getting all the permission slips signed from her institution's perspective and acting as chief wrangler and tech supply (laptops, projectors, wifi etc.) coordinator.

    i 17 februari 2012 09:09

    eshu9e sa:


    i 13 april 2012 13:02 som svar på Jess Klein

    rcitow sa:

    great looking team

    i 14 maj 2012 12:17 som svar på Jess Klein