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Wk 1 - Introductions

Welcome to this learning group! Our purpose here is to look at our personal and professional learning habits as teachers.

Introduce yourself here. Tell a little about why you're interested in this group and what your personal or professional learning habits have been like in the past. Also tell us what you'd like to learn and talk about in our time together.

If you'd like, you can make a short video for your introduction or make a VoiceThread. You may also add to this Voicethread that has already been started for our group. These are both good ways to get to know each other and begin using tools for personal learning.

A group of us are helping facilitate this discussion as long as learning with the group, including:

  • Karen Fasimpaur
  • Bud Hunt
  • Joe Dillon
  • Cindy Minnich
  • Paul Oh
  • Bonita DeAmicis
  • Scoll Shelhart
  • Jonas Backelin


We'll introduce ourselves here as well. :)

Diskutera uppgift

  • Cindy Minnich   14 mars 2012 19:48

    I'm sooooooo late on doing this, but I will stand by my thought that there is truth in the statement, "Better late than never."

    I wrote this post last week after our Big Blue Button video/audio chat. I was exhausted when I got home, but I knew I had something I needed to write. But it was also LATE so I did the best I could with the brain cells that were still awake. I will likely post a revision eventually...

  • Melsy   12 mars 2012 14:45

    Hi Everyone,

    I know I am a bit late, but juggling work and family made life a little bit crazy last week.  Right now, I teach ESL and linguistics at a local university.  I enjoy learning new things and love to take on new projects which require me to research or challenge myself in some way.  Right now, I am working on updating an online ESL writing course that I teach, and I am developing a test preparation course for ESL students.  I find that when I stumble upon something new, I can usually find a way to use that information somehow.

    I look forward to taking some time out of the next few weeks to work on learning something new!


  • Jonas Backelin   13 mars 2012 11:59
    Som Svar På:   Melsy   12 mars 2012 14:45

    Welcome Melsy, lookforward to hear about your personal learning and professional development.


  • Liz Renshaw   7 mars 2012 23:22

     Thanks to everyone for solutions. I have got it embedding using the long code.

  • Paul Oh   7 mars 2012 21:09

    Also, check out the googledoc we used to collect our thoughts in response to a writing prompt to enter into our first webinar. Please feel free to add your thoughts or comment on what others have written.

  • Paul Oh   7 mars 2012 21:02

    Clearly, I should have introduced myself as "Paul Oh - Person Who Blows Out Ear Drums." My apologies both for not being able to get my technical difficulties resolved in order to join you fully at tonight's webinar and also for any auditory damage I've caused. I'm going to log in to the webinars at home from now on where I know my equipment works.

  • Bonita DeAmicis, Ed. D.   11 mars 2012 12:38
    Som Svar På:   Paul Oh   7 mars 2012 21:02

    Very funny, Paul.  Sorry I missed your "renaming" ceremony, I couldn't attend the webinar. I am sure we are all forgiving sorts though.

  • Liz Renshaw   7 mars 2012 19:39


    Hello Everyone

    I have tried putting the embedding code for my youtube in this area. It is okay on preview but not appearing on save/post any ideas this problem? Have put up this link as an interim solution. Thanks Liz


  • Paul Oh   7 mars 2012 21:00
    Som Svar På:   Liz Renshaw   7 mars 2012 19:39

    Hi Liz!

    Welcome. Not sure if this will work, but try embedding the full URL instead:



  • karen   10 mars 2012 12:45
    Som Svar På:   Liz Renshaw   7 mars 2012 19:39

    Nice to "meet" you, Liz. It sounds like your background and experiences are closely aligned to what we're talking about here. I look forward to hearing what's worked for you and what hasn't in terms of encouraging shared learning with teachers.

  • Scott Shelhart   7 mars 2012 19:17

  • karen   10 mars 2012 12:47
    Som Svar På:   Scott Shelhart   7 mars 2012 19:17

    PD sessions with a group that doesn't really want to be there are no fun. I'm looking for solutions to that as well.

  • Paul Oh   7 mars 2012 17:39

    Looking forward to sharing and learning with you all!

  • Livinus Obiora Nweke   6 mars 2012 10:15

    I am Livinus Obiora Nweke. I reside in Nigeria. I am a computer instructor and it will be a pleasure learning with you all

  • karen   6 mars 2012 20:01
    Som Svar På:   Livinus Obiora Nweke   6 mars 2012 10:15

    Welcome to our group! (I'm wondering if you'd also seen the glotal classroom collaboration group on P2PU:

    I lived in East Africa for a couple years and loved it so much.

  • Joe Dillon   6 mars 2012 09:46

  • Jonas Backelin   5 mars 2012 17:14

    (I forgot to say I'm Swedish and living in Balchik on the Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria)

  • karen   6 mars 2012 20:07
    Som Svar På:   Jonas Backelin   5 mars 2012 17:14

    Wow, Jonas -- lots to chew on in this video!

    It's really great to see you and hear more about your background after all our email chats. Glad you're here with us.

  • Jonas Backelin   11 mars 2012 13:19
    Som Svar På:   karen   6 mars 2012 20:07

      Yes, there I have several thoughts and inputs that I'm still trying to connect.  After this presentation I got present to my past period of 'dispair' and came a cross this TED talk by climate scientist James Hansen.  Imagine NASA studied the Veil of Venus to prove our energy imblance will lead to Global Warming.  The energy of 400 000 Hiroshima bombs arrive to earth per day and there must be better use than raising sea levels and melting ice caps.  Maybe these innovations will come from a generation of Personal Learners. 

  • karen   4 mars 2012 14:24

    I'm looking forward to learning with you all!