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Installing Python

installed python 3.4 on xpsp3

We first need to make sure that Python is installed on your Operating System of choice.

Follow the Instructions at

You can either Install Python 2.x or Python 3.x

  • Python 2.x is widely used and supports many frameworks and packages.
  • Python 3.x is the future and will soon replace 2.x.
  • For more information on whether to choose Python2.x or Python 3.x, visit:


Reply to this task with the following information:

  • Your Operating System
  • The version of Python that you have installed (2.x or 3.x)
  • Something you are excited to learn about in this class.

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  • Cela sa:

    Installed python 3.4 on windows 7
    I just thought it would be a neat project to see if I could learn it.
    i 14 december 2014 11:18

    cstsupport sa:

    December greetings. I am out of the country until December 19th. If you have any queries please contact Ms. Aoife Hayes at Warm Wishes, Rosetta Talley
    i 14 december 2014 11:18 som svar på Cela
  • peerjoe sa:


    OS: MAC OSx 10.x

    Python version 2.7.5

    Simply here to learn this amazing language!

    i 21 september 2014 15:11
  • marker sa:

    Using python 2.6 on Debian

    Hoping to learn a modern programming language (previously used assembler)

    i 1 september 2014 20:05
  • DiegoHR sa:

    Python 2.7, 3

    OS: Gentoo

    i 7 augusti 2014 11:01
  • Sam Abdu sa:

    OS: Windows 7 64bit

    Python ver: 2.7.6

    Learning python basically

    i 18 maj 2014 01:30

    cstsupport sa:

    Summer Greetings from Ireland. Thank you for contacting me. I am out of the country on annual leave from May 17th to June 3rd 2014. Please be aware that our offices will be closed the 2nd of June for the June Bank holiday as well. I will have very limited access to my email. If you have any queries please contact Ms. Aoife Hayes at Until then, I look forward to answering your queries upon my return. Warm Regards, Rosetta Talley
    i 18 maj 2014 01:31 som svar på Sam Abdu
  • Zainab sa:

    Operating System: Windows 8
    Python version: Python 2.7.6

    i 12 maj 2014 05:38
  • Kiwiosaurus sa:

    Windows 8

    Python 3.4.0


    i 7 maj 2014 21:23
  • Daniel Thompson sa:

    Mac OS 10.9.1

    Python 2.7.6

    I know some C/C++ - but it's time to learn some Python!

    i 25 februari 2014 03:55
  • BenFoo sa:

    Linux Mint 16

    Python 2.7.5+

    get back to fundamentals, let's get started !

    i 13 januari 2014 03:29
  • Navaid Zafar Ansari sa:

    Window 8 

    Python Version: Python 2.7.5+

    it sound good ready to learn

    i 4 januari 2014 13:52
  • digitalshankar sa:

    Operating System: Ubuntu Linux 13.10

    Python Version: Python 2.7.5+

    I want to code my ideas in Python!

    i 19 november 2013 04:18
  • Troy sa:

    Installed IDLE 2.7 and 3.2. Python comes preinstalled on most Linux Distros. I am using Linux Zorin. I am excited about Python all together!

    i 15 november 2013 08:37
  • Anonym sa:

    Hi everybody,

    installed python on 

    Windows Vista

    Python version 3.3.2

    i 13 november 2013 17:05
  • minuteman sa:

    Hello everybody!

    I'm using:

    • Fedora 19
    • Python 2.7.5

    And I'm very excited to start learning to program, because I think that it is just as necessary as speaking a foreign language.

    i 2 november 2013 11:37
  • Aluysio Gothardo sa:

    • Windows 7
    • Python 3.3.0
    • To get more knowledge about this powerfull language
    i 31 oktober 2013 15:28
  • Hillbillythekid sa:

    Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit),

    Installed Python 3.3.2.amd64.msi,

    I am excited to be awake and aware. This University is a powerful tool and I am grateful. Knowledge is the key to making it in this life, it is what makes the struggle not so relentless.

    i 26 oktober 2013 07:06

    cstsupport sa:

    Greetings from Ireland. Thank you for contacting me. Our offices are closed for the Bank Holiday on Monday, the 28th of October 2013. I will have limited access to my email but will endeavour to address any issues during the holiday. Warm Regards, Rosetta Talley
    i 26 oktober 2013 07:08 som svar på Hillbillythekid
  • Fer sa:

    Debian KDE / Windows 7 /Fedora 19

    Python 2.7.3

    Robotics programming

    i 22 oktober 2013 13:37
  • Chris Dillon sa:

    OS: Windows 7, 32 bit.

    Installed both Python 2.7 & 3.3, by installing 3.3 first and then 2.7 (to allow for some older tutorials  / libraries.

    Looking forward to proramming my hexpod robot in Python.

    i 7 oktober 2013 06:17
  • Ty sa:

    • Windows 7 64 bit
    • ActivePython 7.5
    • Mathematical Programming with Python
    i 5 oktober 2013 07:47