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    发布 信息:sign-up for Microeconomics will close tomorrow, July 13th. Unfortunately we cannot take new participants after the discussions start....... Enrolled participants will receive invitations to the free learning platform at wiziq.com (sign up as a free student, you will be enrolled in this class).
    发布 信息:sign-up for Microeconomics will close tomorrow, July 13th. Unfortunately we cannot take new participants after the discussions start....... Enrolled participants will receive invitations to the free learning platform at wiziq.com (sign up as a free student, you will be enrolled in this class).
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    发布 信息:Hi all: Twelve persons have responded to my email and we're ready to get started. I sent a reply to all 12 with initial background info. Last minute sign-ups are welcome until we start discussing the material.
    发布 信息:Hi folks: We've reached the tipping point of the number of registered participants (16) and I'd like to get the class started. However, only six of you have emailed me with your preferred name and time zone. I need your email addresses to send you an invite to a different learning platform. Send your email to me (to.jweb@gmail.com) - I will certainly respect and protect your privacy. Thanks so far, to Stephen, Mike, David, Nicolas, Summer, and Boobaloo. While we wait for the others, those of you who sent an email can start with Task #1 noted above.
    发布 信息:hmmm, seems when you use angled brackets '<', the words do not appear. So, for those wondering what email address to use, for submitting your info, use 'to.jweb@gmail.com'. Also, for time zone purposes, you may find www.timeanddate.com helpful. Once I've gathered everyone's direct email, I'll respond with the next steps.
    发布 信息:Greetings All: Hooray!!, we've reached 16 participants, and we ready to get started. Last minute applications will be accepted up until the first session. 1) I'd like to run the course during July (a holiday month for some), and we should expect 4-6 weeks. You need not be present as the course will run asynchronously, that is, log in when you can. But there will be some deadlines for submitting responses. More on the course structure will come to you via email. 2) I do not have any of your direct email addresses, but will need them to notify you of the learning platform. Please send me an email , with 'MicroEcon' in the subject. Include; a) preferred name, and b) time zone . I'll respond via email.
    发布 信息:When this course will start?
    发布 信息:Greetings to all: The course is showing 12 registered participants, and we're almost at the level to get started. To others who are following, but not 'signed-up', now is the time. It's easy, and mostly pain-free :) I'm looking into a few different platforms to conduct the course, which may only run 4-6 weeks - any decision will be in keeping with the spirit of P2PU, i.e., no cost. Hope all of you are still with me, especially those who signed on early.
    发布 信息:Greetings All: The count of 'enrolled students' is up to 8, and soon we'll reach a starting target number of 12-15. I hope all of you are still with me. I also ask that anyone who may be 'following' but not a 'participant' - now is the time to click on the 'Open' link, next to 'Signup', and submit your interest. Once we get started it will be difficult to catch up. While we wait, those of you already participating, you can continue to monitor economic events - one way, go to Google News, enter 'economy' in the text box, and scan the resulting articles. Develop opinions on what supply and demand conditions are creating the situation. We'll get together soon and discuss your answers.
    发布 信息:Good Morning fellow economists: Two new persons have enrolled as participants, taking our count to 5. As I've said before, I'd like to leave enrollment open until we reach 12-15. Until then, feel free to browse the study materials at the following location (http://www.saylor.org/courses/econ101), which we'll be using for this course. If anyone is 'following' this group, but not enrolled, and would like to do so, please submit your application.
    发布 信息:Thanks Jeff,indeed so interesting questions!
    发布 信息:Good Morning fellow learners. We have 3 enrolled participants now. I'd like to leave enrollment open and reach a level of 12-15 participants before we start the formal part of our study group. Until then, you have open access to our study materials (mentioned earlier), and even an alternative textbook. So feel free to browse away and start to familiarize yourself with the field of microeconomics. Along the way, you can start to apply your studies by questioning everything. 'Why is the price of gasoline increasing?' 'Why are housing sales depressed?' 'What factors have caused the price of cotton to increase?' 'Why is the US Dollar declining in value relative to other currencies?' Microeconomic principles effect all of these markets.
    发布 信息:Hi n.a.s.- We'll be using the Saylor Foundation's materials, and you are certainly free to start reviewing that ahead of time (http://www.saylor.org/courses/econ101). Another good reference is available at http://bookboon.com, and follow the links for economics. You'll find a text on microeconomics' exercises, which contains suggested answers. It's open source, and will probably be part of our study materials as well.
    发布 信息:Hi, Where I can find helpful links for problems and answers in microeconomics ? Thanks
    发布 信息:Greetings fellow learners- A couple of you have signed-up for this study group, and your answers indicate an understanding of the importance of micro-economics. We'll leave the admissions open for awhile, until we reach a 'critical mass' of learners. In the meantime, feel free to jump into the material you see at http://www.saylor.org/courses/econ101/, as this will be our guide. An interesting review question, to answer along your path of readings, and check your level of understanding, is this...... "Where do I see these principles in action in my world?" You will find supply and demand characteristics in every aspect of your life. Glad to have you here, and we'll get more formal in the near future.