posted message: Ok, so just trudged through the Ruby tutorial... I FINALLY UNDERSTAND!! I was so confused at first, still not 100% on what I was actually doing, but really glad it all made sense in the end... Can't wait to get started on Haml and Sass!
posted message: Well, I'm about to have to call it for the night, but... I got my profile started (it didn't let me edit quite how I wanted to, but....) and a profile picture up... Perhaps tomorrow whilst the laundry is laundering I will start a course... Stupid non-weekends. Sunday/Monday will be my 2nd day off since before March 1st. It's getting old, but I'm getting things handled. Slowly but surely. Tomorrow: Work, maybe course, laundry, REVENGE!!! (don't hate.), then bed. Friday: Job #1, break, maybe work on course, maybe try to relax in the sunshine and read, job #2, pack. Saturday: Work alllll day then bus up to see the family! I am so excited I could pee my pants! XD