posted message: I still see people joining the group from time to time, but nobody really got involved any further than joining. I'd like to welcome all the new members, but I'm afraid it's with less enthusiasm than I used to have at the beginning. I am still studying Japanese(now perhaps more than ever), so if you feel like raising the activity of this group in any way, please do so. Is there anything in particular you'd like to ask? One cannot just start a learning session without knowing what everyone else wants to learn.
posted message: Time for some practice! Take 10 minutes to write me the meanings of these words. It's okay even if you don't know or can't read half of them, Japanese babies have the same problem! (even worse, in fact, because they don't even understand the concepts behind meanings) あおい あかい くろい しろい おおきい ちいさい たかい ひくい きれい きたない What do these words have in common? There's an intruder among them, can you find it?
posted message: Can you hear what they're saying? Only the meaningful parts! Try writing ti down in hiragana.
posted message: So the weekend goes by without people adding me on Skype, without anyone posting about when they are free etc. etc. I'm guessing it was a bit too much to expect everyone online at the same time so I'll propose a different approach. Just add me on Skype(tomislav_mamic) and talk to me when you're free. Of course, I may not be online that often during the weekdays, but at least you won't have to worry about when you need to get online.
posted message: To start this group off, I'd like to say my thanks to all of you who joined, and I hope you're ready to start off on a more serious note. Before we can actually study, we obviously have to decide when and where. Therefore, I'd like everyone to write their preferred communication channels, study times in GMT format(for obvious reasons) and stuff you'd like to do on our first 'class' as follows(mine): Communication: group IRC chat, Skype, MSN Study time: Varies greatly due to uni classes; either 10:00 to 12:00PM GMT or anytime during the weekend. Stuff I'd like to do: Practice basic pronounciation, talk about the differences between Japanese and our native languages.