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Give yourself a high-five for donating an image that others can now re-use freely and openly on Wikipedia and elsewhere!

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Now it's time to answer some questions to see what you've learned. 
  1. What type of CC licenses are allowed on Wikimedia Commons. Why? Should they allow other licenses?
  2. Why can you upload images of art, buildings, and monuments over 150 years old?
  3. If you have an image that is not your own but you've obtained permission from the copyright holder that you can share it on Wikimedia Commons only, are you allowed to upload this image? Why or why not?
Add your answers to the discussion task list. See if yours agree with the ones posted by the others. If someone critiques your answers or provides feedback - give 'em a badge!
If you want to learn even more about Wikimedia Commons and Wikipedia, try the Open Access Wikipedia challenge.


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