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Link to the World

Create a Hyperlink from your page to a wikipedia page

The Web would not be a web without the connections that run from one page to another: the hyperlinks. You will now create your first hyperlink. To do that you have to decide two things first:

  1. What text should be shown for the link? (This is the text that normally appears blue and underlined when you look at a webpage)
  2. Which webpage should the link go to?

To answer the second question you need the Address of the Webpage. This Address is called a URL ("Uniform Resource Locator"). Just browse to the webpage you want, and copy the URL from the browsers address bar.

Here's an example:

  1. I want the Text to read:  The Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee
  2. The link should go to the Wikipedia Page about him,

To do this,  first type in the text

The Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee

Then add the A-Tag around the Link-Text

The Web was invented by <a>Tim Berners-Lee</a>

And finally, add the URL like so:

The Web was invented by <a href="">Tim Berners-Lee</a>

Try it in your jsfiddle now!


p.s. Links only go in one direction: from your page to somewhere else. To create a link from the another page that points back to your page you would have to edit the other page ... if you have permission / ability to do so.

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