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Prerequisites and Installation

Let's all make sure we have the following installed and ready to go. 


  1. Python 2.6 or higher 
  2. Django 1.3 (this is the latest stable version)
  3. Text editor (use what you want, but it's up to you to know how to use it)

This course also requires you to have the following skills already:

  1. Basic working knowledge of Python (check out Python 101 on P2PU if you want to learn)
  2. Basic understanding of command line tools

Once you have everything installed and meet the skill requirements for this course please do the following:

  1. Create a django project called mysite
  2. Run the development server
  3. Point your browser to the development browser and take a screenshot. You should see the generic django splash screen. 

Read the "Creating a Project" and "The development server" of chapter1 in the django documentation to learn how to do this initial set up.

If you have not already please post your suggestions for a class project in Task 1. We will need that for next week. 

Task Discussion