posted message: Hi All, As I'm a painter living in Australia I don't have access to large collections of Western Art, except via the internet. I've visited art museums in England, France, Spain and the Netherlands and looked at paintings but I don't have an academic background. My response to paintings as been emotional rather than educated. I'm intrigued by the idea of learning art history online and going on a virtual museum visit. I'm looking forward to working with the group, to develop the ability to think about and discuss art works.
posted message: Oh far out! I didn't mean to push a whole load of posts to my profile, sorry people. I've really got to learn how to drive this thing.
posted message: Ah this is great, the new, lets me use my iPad to add comments. Super!
posted message: Hi Y'all, I've been away in Tasmania - a place with very little internet coverage but lots of wonderful trees, rocks, lichen, worts, mushrooms etc and water, both salt and fresh. I will get back to participating soon. L