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Get yourself a blog.

Find a spot on the web and hang your hat.

Make a List

Draft a list of items you either:

  • care passionately about  
  • or want to learn more about

From dogs to cycling to Harry Potter--whatever interests you. These are perfect subjects for a blog!

Get Yourself a Blog

Sign up for a blog. Recommended places to do that:



Post the following items to this task:

  • the list of ideas you drafted, and the subject you decided to go with
  • the URL of the blog you started


Recommended Reading: 

"Why I Blog" by Andrew Sullivan.

Task Discussion

  • Dimitra Kapnia said:

    Hello all !

    Here is my blog. It is about music and language  as a comparative field of study. I have to make some  research in order to write my articles, so i will not post too often

    I would apriciate your opinion

    Thank you

    on 11 augustus 2014 05:14

    JesmionEdu said:

    Hi, thanks --------
    on 11 augustus 2014 11:59 in reply to Dimitra Kapnia
  • JesmionEdu said:

    Hi, i blog in the light of a ladder that could lead to heaven at
    on 20 juli 2014 04:41
  • Julia said:

    I'm blogging about the general insanity that encompasses my life. It will include everything from strange childhood events, my trip through financial ruin, what it is like to be bi-polar, and raising a child with Asperger's.  Essentially it will be a journal of vagueness.


    on 11 juli 2014 11:29
  • Nics said:

    Hi, this blog is about sustainability and our connection to the Earth.

    I'va had this other one for a few years now, but its written in portuguese.

    on 18 maart 2014 13:17
  • jctalbert said:

    My blog celebrates women in history.

    on 10 maart 2014 13:45
  • armistace said:

    This is the link to my blog I generally talk about tech stuff with a smattering of family stuff in there

    on 21 januari 2014 00:12
  • E Browning said:

    I want to write about education and parenthood. 

    My blog is at

    on 16 januari 2014 14:05
  • momma182 said:

    So my list of things I am passionate about include reading, history, poetry, music and being a mom. 

    Since I started a blog on Wordpress for another P2PU course I figured that I would just use the same one and just make good use of the 'categories' feature.

    Feel free to check it out here.

    on 15 januari 2014 21:47
  • Mark Valentine Aikins said:

    Hi geeks, I love to blog and share on emerging issue in technology. See my blog  for more

    on 17 december 2013 11:59
  • eda said:

    I am new in here and here my blog;

    on 29 november 2013 14:12

    Mumtaz said:

    Excellent site! Thank you. I am a beginner and need to learn a lot, like adding a utube, make frequent posts and pictures.

    Keep up the wonderful work!

    on 12 april 2014 11:45 in reply to eda
  • janz said:

    on 12 november 2013 05:43
  • TheButcher said:

    New to P2P,

    Looks great.  Started a site:

    If you have time, check it out.  Thanks


    on 8 november 2013 16:27
  • 阿磊 said:


    Hi guys I started the blog long long tme ago.

    And I would love to share all the things I learned. Let's build a better world.

    on 25 oktober 2013 09:27

    TheButcher said:

    Saw your site.

    I like the simplicity because it just looks much cleaner and makes your user focus on what you want.  

    The issue is I don't understand chinese so there is a big language barrier with me, but I didn't get a glimpse of your article on reading.  

    Because of the simplicity, reading your one article is the only thing I could do.  What else would you want to do with your readers?  How would you want them to engage with your material?  Think about what you want from your audience and how you can adjust your website accordingly.

    Love the images too.


    on 8 november 2013 16:26 in reply to 阿磊
  • albin said:

    Hello,  I started a blog about a month ago generally to note some realizations I had while traveling some crazy, some introspective, some just to rant about plan is to make this a travel website to share to people my experiences on the road.  I am on the process of improving my writing as I have put to myself a challenge of posting on it more often to push myself out there so to speak.  

    So here's my blog -> 

    on 17 september 2013 11:45
  • Tamara Brown said:



    I have had a few blogs that i have sporadically posted in. recently for a course I have started a blog to track my development - so I will be forced to update and use it - we shall see how this changes the experience of blogging.



    on 17 september 2013 11:25