posted message: Sally's mention brought all the past memories, the time they'd had 4 years back when they came to Karachi. Chapter 2 "Hi Angie!" exclaimed Sally past mid-night, with arms open and both fell giving each other the "BUDDY HUG". "I can't believe your here Sally..! I mean its gonna be so much fun, we'll finally get to spent time together and celebrate my 11th birthday party this 20th". Angela said. With a tired expression, Sally exclaimed " hey we'll have it all later, first, let me sleep u fat hen!" and Angela hit her. Morning sun rays hit their eyes past 10am. "Get up u two love birds!" shouted Liam. "shut up Liam! we slept at 3am". Angela rubbing her eyes lazily. That was the first time she saw Liam after such a long time..
posted message: Angela, a girl of age 15, was totally upset because after entire 5 years, she was about to visit her grandmaa's in abbottabad, her home town., and visit her grandpa's grave for the first time.....she could'nt leave Sissy, her only pet cat, but at the same time she was dying to see her best cousin Sally there in abbottabad. "Come on Angie, ur gonna meet your aunts and uncles and specially Sally who'd be so proud of seeing your after such a long time...!" said Misty, her mother.
posted message: hi guys its me.... Maheen.....jst joined this place n m totally new here....this place is unknown to me.....kindly help me and guide me when im on thw wrong way... Thanks