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  • Copyright 4 Educators (AUS)

    Copyright 4 Educators (AUS)

    A course for anyone who wants to learn about Australian educational copyright law and open educational resources.

  • Hacking Open Source Participation

    Hacking Open Source Participation

    This course will provide hands-on, learn by doing, opportunity go level-up your open source skill-set while collaborating with others learning at the same time.

  • Open Research 2014

    Open Research 2014

    Join us for a 4-week exploration of researching in the open! This course is aimed at any researcher who wants to conduct an element of their research openly. Interested in how to ethically and openly share your findings so that others can reuse or develop your work? Curious about which open research methods you could use? Or just wanting to find out more about what open research entails?

  • Designing Collaborative Workshops

    Designing Collaborative Workshops

    The move away from formal learning environments to peer-led, often temporary learning spaces at conferences, gatherings or street occupations creates a new set of challenges for workshop leaders. This course is a peer-learning space to explore these issues.

  • Open Science: An Introduction

    Open Science: An Introduction

    Learn how Open Access, Open Data and Open Research are changing the way we share scientific knowledge.

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