i agree | dear angelog I am very happy with your post... 1 hour 22 min ago in response to My First Day Of School
if he hits you he doesn't like or love you | dear smckens753 I am very glad i came across... 1 hour 40 min ago in response to Hitting Girls: Wrong or O.K.?
it has to stop someday | dear kimg I heard about this story i live in the... 2 hours 1 min ago in response to gun violence
love it | dear dwu i love your post of the peom it reminds... 2 hours 24 min ago in response to Yellow Tulips
many reasons | dear 12maldonadoc It is very hard to believe what... 2 hours 35 min ago in response to "Mommy, I'm sorry. I don't know what i did wrong."
hey i agree with you .. | dear mstatler i agree with you everything you are... 1 day 33 min ago in response to Underage Drinking: A Pleasurable Past-Time or a Deadly Addiction?
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