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I feel like I deserve this badge because I really do have a passion for web design and development.  Customizing a blog is probably the funnest past time I can think of these days and I love being able to show people how to accomplish certain goals they may have when they don't know where to begin.

Also, on a side note, I studied Spanish in college and would like to open up my schedule to help Spanish speakers that may be seeking guidance in this field.  Thus, my latest post is in Spanish.  I know there are a ton of great designers out there in the Spanish speaking world that could use some support in coding and being able to implement their ideas.  I feel like my blog posts are very informative and consistent in that I'm always sharing the love I have for the latest trends in technology.  Open bages being one of my latest inspirations has brought me to this stage.  I'm very grateful to be here and be a part of this movement.

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