posted message: Hi all, We are in our third week and I love the richness of the discussions that are occurring. I hope, if you have found yourselves busy, you will steal some time to come back to our course and add in your thoughts and experiences. I know that Annette, Jessica, and Grant have put out some challenging ideas and I look forward to hearing others pipe in and share their thinking on creativity and engagement. Here are the questions I have been recently examining: Can we ever reinforce without ruining intrinsic learning? How do we respect the process of creative thinkers, while continuing to attempt to engage students? What elements of engagement are most important? (and do these change)? :)Bonita
posted message: Okay Student Engagement friends, I must ask. If I am online in a webinar THIS Saturday morning, will any of you be there to join me (it was kind of silent last Saturday). Let me know if you might join me for a second try at an optional webinar! :)Bonita