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    posted message: Hi participants! I've changed it back to the original, seems best to leave this group as a study group as originally intended... Left my prettifying / formatting as is for readability. I see a huge need for more people to contribute their knowledge about Black-white art, so if you are currently a paricipant and want to help add content to this study group please contact an organizer!
    posted message: Call to all participants! - I've updated the first Task. Please give us organisers some feedback on what you'd like for the next tasks. Also, if you have suggestions on how to improve the first task drop me or another organiser a private message.
    posted message: Tips to begin Three important part in the stage of drawing in pencil is: sketch affirmation of the picture And last is the finishing When you have determined an object for your work, immediately make a sketch with a few things, make sure the size scale objects with the paper size Use a pencil with a low level of black color (normally has a code H) make sure your pencil sharpened perfectly Do not press too hard pencil on the paper surface