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Attack the DNS

Produce an artifact describing what 'DNS" is and how it works

DNS is an acronym that stands for "Domain Name System". Now that you've got a domain name, you're going to have to have a basic understanding of how DNS works because soon you'll have to modify your domains DNS records. But what does that mean?

In this task you're going to do a little bit of research about what DNS is and how it works. You're then going to produce an artifact of some sort describing what DNS is and how it works. You can explain your ideas in words, a diagram, a video, a game, a song or even through the power of interpretative dance if you want to.  The important thing is that you understand it enough to be able to produce an artifact that explains it to others.
Below you'll find two resources to start off your search. But remember to make use of the search engines to find your own resources, noting the material that you find that helps you understand DNS. Look on your peers blogs for the resources they used in their research. 
Spend half an hour researching and putting together your work. If you want to spend more time than this then feel free to. Your blog post should contain the artifact that you've created, the resources you've used and a short description of how and why you created what you did.

Task Discussion