posted message: Just added a video explaining the use of the <audio> tag to play background music and sound effects:
posted message: I just added a new example code file showing how to use the tag and the Audio object to load and play background music and sound effects:
posted message: I added a new video: Explains the difference between deep copy and shallow copy; also pass-by-reference vs. pass-by value.
posted message: New video at Explains the geometry you need to find the intersection points of moving objects with the edges of obstacles.
posted message: More new content -- just added example code (finally!) for lesson 4.2. It demonstrates friction, acceleration, gravity, and jumping.
posted message: I'm back! Hey everybody, sorry for no updates for so long. I've had deadlines for writing Test Pilot 1.2, the mobile phone version of Test Pilot, and I've also been training an intern. But I'm back with new content: I just added example code for lesson 4.4 - it's a simple "platform game" which demonstrates how to find the contact points between a moving player and the edges of platforms and obstacles.
posted message: Hey, check out the winning game from the MIT HTML 5 game development contest, "Dots":
posted message: Hey everybody, Sorry it's been so long since I posted new contents for this course. I'll make it up to you soon.
posted message: Added more examples and the final video explanation (for "dealing with slowdown") to the Lesson 3 page.
posted message: Hi again, I just added a video to the Lesson 4 (Physics!) page introducing the basics of forces, acceleration, and velocity.