Certified Networked Teacher Badge

The use of web tools in networked learning has become an important 21st century skills for teachers. This challenge will give you the ability to envision a new future based on web tools in a networked learning scenario.


You will engage with instructional tools for creating, delivering and managing your learning resources in an innovative way.  The first task is finished when you have posted a link to your learning resource in the CNT challenge and at least one peer participant has posted a comment with approval.  The requirements is that the learning resource specifies the target audience and has the function to model, demonstrate, help us practice or help us reflect.  The final task will be to create a Screencast Tutorial that demonstrate your skills as a Networked Teacher.  After this badge you will be ready to take on syndicated education in distributed learning environments as an ‘Advanced Networked Teacher’.  On expert level you will be a central node in networked learning and change how we understand education in the future.  The experience from this course will turn into a multi-levelled badges program awarded from peer to peer evaluation (i.e Certified Networked Teacher, Advanced Networked Teacher and Expert Networked Teacher).

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