Sorry guys... I do not presently own a camera... in all honesty I have gone way beyond the level of this tutorial... I am blogging to assist others to learn all of this @the-url-listed and I have actually been backtracking for the last couple of weeks trying to fill in some gaps and begin structuring a more comprehensive tutorial on workflow virtualization and Wordpress theme building. I am here stepping through these Mozilla tutorials so I can paint a picture of my educational base and see where all the holes are, and it is nice to recieve these badges as acknowledgement of my hard work over the past 6 months. No other organization has offered to say... hey he knows that... unless i  pay them first. Won't blame you if you choose not to indorse me... I have done the work just not here... I am kind'a sweeping through and filling in the gaps and I have been required to stop and review a couple of things, which is why I am here... surprise I am working my way up to PHP and Ruby coding then I will need to knuckle down. You are all welcome to join me at my blog if you like and we can learn to build a WP theme, setup your development servers in a virtual environment, branch-n-commit code @GitHub repository, build function into and make your own unique theme and finally push the finished product to a live web server. I have been through nearly all of this at least once but I am stripping everything down and starting over to fill in the gaps, probably take about 8-12 weeks to work through it slowly one more time, then maybe I can start doing this for a living. Take care.




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