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Receive and Investigate Your Data

You're given some data. What does it look like? What information is included?

Suppose you're hired by the Johnson Widgets corporation to help them to understand what their profit margins were last year. They have provided you with two pages of data: one on their sales from the year, and one on their costs.

Click here to open the spreadsheet they've provided you with, then make sure you're logged in and click File, then Make a Copy. You're now able to edit your private copy of this spreadsheet.

First, have a look around. You can navigate between the two sheets of data (and a third one which you'll be filling in in a little while) using the tabs near the bottom of the window. You'll notice that some cells are colored blue. These are the cells you'll be filling in throughout the course.

What do you notice about the data? Are there any columns you don't understand? Does anything jump out at you about the distribution of the data, or the biggest or smallest entries? These are the first kind of questions a data wrangler would ask when presented with new data. Post your observations in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Task Discussion