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Develop a syllabus and a lesson plan

The aim of this task is to develop a syllabus and a lesson plan:

Here is my attempt:

Define bullying
Explain why bullying happens
Understand the 3 step model
Bullying and health and safety
Bullying and the law
Bullying and personality and management
Strategies for preventing bullying

So my lesson plan:

9:15 Registration
9:30 Define bullying. Why does bullying happen.
10:00 Understanding the 3 step model
10:30 Bully, health and safety, legal aspects
11:00 Short break
11:15 Bullying, personality and environment
11:45 Stategies for tackling bullying in the workplace
12:15 Evaluation
12:30 Finish

The course will be supplemented with workbook activities.

You should have a go at devising your own syllabus and lesson plan.

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