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Introducing the 'serial bully'

The aim of this task is to gain some insight into the idea of a 'serial bully'
Read the following article:
Now answer the following questions:
1. What is the psychological diagnosis used to describe a serial bully?
2. What are the common traits of a serial bully?
3. Name a tactic the serial bully uses when harassing their victim.
4. What does Dr Paul Babiak, (in the article), advise a person should do if they are focussed on by the bully?

---hints from the article---

University of Sydney psychologist John Clarke believes it's essential that employers learn how to identify psychopaths in order to reduce problems in the workplace.

What separates them from the norm is a series of character traits - among them impulsiveness, egocentricity, lack of empathy and irresponsibility - which make them a highly dangerous and destructive force in society...
...he states. "Like the textbook psychopath, serial bullies are emotionally cold, compulsive liars and experts at mimicry and deception. They sail through psychometric tests with flying colours and are masters of the latest workplace jargon, which is sure to impress management.

...the serial bully will target one individual, while charming and deceiving everyone else. This individual will be isolated from colleagues, subjected to public humililiation and tormented until they leave or break down. The bully will then move on to the next victim. If they sense that information detrimental to their reputation is being spread, the bully will create conflict between those who are collating this negative information.

"If you think your manager is a psychopath the only thing I can advise is to get out before the damage is done. The more you recognise them for what they are the more you'll become a target."

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