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How are you going to do it?

With your partner, talk about the tools you'll use.

After you've designed your project, think about what tools you will use to do it.Skype call between Iceland and Thailand

You can use any tools you like as long as they support your project design and goals. Here are some ideas (starting with simpler tools and going through more complex ones). Please add to this list by editing this task and adding ideas using the Edit button at the top.

As you think about these tools and how you'll use them, make sure to talk about issues of student cyber safety and good online citizenship and reinforce this with your students. Most online services require that users be 13 years of age or older. For students younger than this, funnel communications through the teacher. Also make sure that whatever you're doing is covered by your school's acceptable use and parent permissions. Sometimes there are "hoops" that have to be jumped through, but it's worth doing to show everyone what a positive experience something like this can be.

When you're done, post a short description of the tools you'll use so we can all get ideas!


[Photo of Skype call between Iceland and Thailand credit: Chrissy H]

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