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Reading Response - Notice and Investigate

Analyze the text and draw conclusions about what it means.

Read for at least  2 more hours. Your goal is to finish your book or article(s) before the 4 Tasks of this Challenge are completed.

You can do this in one sitting or you can do it 4 times for thirty minutes each time or 6 times for twenty minutes each. But it has to be focused, uninterrupted reading. No multi-tasking during your reading time.

After you've read your book or your article for at least more more 2 hours, open a NEW Google Document and plan to write for about 30 minutes.

Begin by freewriting about your text. Write non-stop for 5 or ten minutes about anything that comes into your head about your book or article.

Then turn to the Literature Response Guides or to this guide, "General Response to a Non-Fiction Article. Describe how something is an example of a basic pattern that you've learned about in other books or articles or other media. Or describe something about a character, the plot, the theme, or some other element of your text.

Share your Doc with a teacher and a couple of peers, and ask them to make a couple of comments. Do not publish it on Youth Voices yet. Also make your document public.

In the Post Comment button here (on P2PU) add a link to your Google Document. You can find the link to your Google Document under the Share button. Do this before you click Yes, I'm done .

We encourage students to break out of the overly structured guides and create your own kinds of response. However, we do ask you to keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. Begin by doing a freewrite: your first thoughts about this section of the book or article. You'll need to revise this writing before you publish it on Youth Voices.
  2. Be specific about your response to your reading, and give an example from the text. Quote from the text.
  3. Quote a second section from the text when you make connections, ask questions, track elements of the text, or compare it to other things.
  4. End by predicting what you think might happen next, and say how you feel about continuing your reading.

Task Discussion

  • Joey Pappas said:

    on April 13, 2013, 9:06 p.m.
  • CASO said:

    Chapters 5-6 in My Bloody Life by Reymundo Sanchez, pages 23-42 talks about how after being so close with Jorge, Noel, and Julio faded because of new stepfather Pedro. After his mothers 2nd marriage had failed due to the job Emilio had and lost he began doing illegal things which later lead to his arrest. Pedro was an illegal lottery ticket dealer who was cool at 1st until his mother yet again had another child, a boy. His attitude changed drastically towards him since his mother yelled not to touch the girls. The house would be raided every now and then by the cops and he will get beaten worst than Emilio have ever beaten him. It was to the point where he would sleep under his bed in fear that pedro was going to kill him, but it wasn't only pedro beating him now his mother began to beat him as well.

    Since he couldn’t talk to his old friends he made new ones across the street from him which he loved because he could get away from the house easier. Papo was the closest to him out of the other boys who lived across the street, he seen and heard his mother and stepfather beat him till he begged for mercy from his window across the street. Papo was in a gang called the Spanish Lords.

    Papo took Rey into the clubhouse to introduce him to the members of the gang and his boss, Lil Chino. Everyone was smoking around him and when he was passed the joint he joined in. He claims the only reason he started to smoke and drink was to finally belong, it wasn’t peer pressure. Everything from there on out was nothing good coming from Reymundo, especially school wise.

    Later on he dicovered masterbation, his mind wa focus on sex from this day on. His stepfather Pedro no longer hit him because Rey was starting to fight back but what Pedro didn’t do his mother would. Marijuana his way out of every situation.

    Reymundo hung around the Lords almost everyday, not realizing he was putting his life in danger as well. There was a war about to happen between the Lords and another gang called the Cobras. A shootout happened and all he was worried about was joining the gang to get girls. He figured the girls liked guys in gangs and it was the easiest way to get them.

    On tv there’s this show called gangland, about people who either gangbanged and people who are in gangs. Reymundo was a gangbanger and he didn’t realize just being around the Lords automatically made him a target in the enemy's eyes. Reymundo looks back now at it and says he was ignorant like most of the gangbangers in the show say “I didn’t realize what I was doing put my life at danger.”

    After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because Reymundo is just a little boy who doesn’t understand the gang life. He thinks that gang life is about girls, smoking, drinking, having a good time. He fails to realize that it’s not about respect and good time. What’s probably going to happen next is he’s going to get caught up in the middle of something and not know how to handle it, given what the book is about so far.    

    on Oct. 22, 2012, 10:34 a.m.