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Reading Response - Reflect and Connect

Keep track of your response and make connections.

Read for at least  2 hours. Your goal is to finish your book or article(s) before the 4 Tasks of this Challenge are completed.

You can do this in one sitting or you can do it 4 times for thirty minutes each time or 6 times for twenty minutes each. But it has to be focused, uninterrupted reading. No multi-tasking during your reading time. 

After you've read your book or your article for at least 2 hours open a Google Document and plan to write for about 30 minutes.

Begin by freewriting about your text. Write non-stop for 5 or ten minutes about anything that comes into your head about your book or article.

Then turn to the Literature Response Guides or to this guide, "General Response to a Non-Fiction Article. Say how a part of your book is similar to or different from something in your life or something that you've seen in the news.

Share your Doc with a teacher and a couple of peers, and ask them to make a couple of comments. Do not publish it on Youth Voices yet. Also make your document public.

In the Post Comment button here (on P2PU) add a link to your Google Document. You can find the link to your Google Document under the Share button. Do this before you click Yes, I'm done .

We encourage students to break out of the overly structured guides and create your own kinds of response. However, we do ask you to keep in mind the following guidelines:

  1. Begin by doing a freewrite: your first thoughts about this section of the book or article. You'll need to revise this writing before you publish it on Youth Voices.
  2. Be specific about your response to your reading, and give an example from the text. Quote from the text.
  3. Quote a second section from the text when you make connections, ask questions, track elements of the text, or compare it to other things.
  4. End by predicting what you think might happen next, and say how you feel about continuing your reading

Task Discussion

  • britneypa said:

    In the article about what does sustainability mean in hunts point, the bronx? made me feel more interested because it proved that huntspoint can change for the better, by presenting educational programs and to make a better urban space environment. 

    Other things that stood out to me was that with an enployment rate about 24 percent, and high rates of crime, lack of fresh food, they will still try to make huntspoint a better place for education. I am also interested in how they gunna build boats and take them out into the lake. i would like to continue reading and finding out more information of how they restored huntspoint.  

    on May 14, 2013, 12:22 p.m.
  • Joey Pappas said:

    on Oct. 4, 2012, 11:08 a.m.
  • CASO said:


    This book  My Bloody Life is crazy, it’s written based on the author's life growing up. What kind of parent did he have? Why did he defend her after the things she let happen? he gets beaten everyday of his life

    basically and his mom is a stay at home and mooch off the money her boyfriends and husbands make, gold digger. All she really honestly cares about is her daughters and money, she obviously doesn’t care about her son’s well being at all.

    it’s sad the way he lives his days. One of the things that touched me a lot was when he said “When i woke up i realized i had slept under the bed again” he sleeps under the bed because he’s scared for his life, that in the middle of the night his mom’s boyfriend is going to kill him.

    His mom was 16 when she 1st got married and had 3 kids later on she has 1 more then after another one. she was now 20 years of age with 5 kids from 3 different men. she was a no good mother to her kids as well.

    The boys father was 74 years old, he was 3 when his father died and when the abuse started.
    Emilio was the 1st stepfather. he was cool until his mom had his child. Pedro was the 2nd stepfather a short while after and he began to change when his mom had his child also. Both men were into illegal things Emilio got caught for it but Pedro didn’t.

    There house would get raided every now and then.

    At the age of 5 or 6 years old he was raped by his cousin who was 18 years old who also use to beat him and his sisters when his mom went on her honeymoon with Emilio.

    Chapters 1-2 In the book My Bloody Life by Reymundo Sanchez, pages 1-7 talk about a little boy’s life from age 3 to 7 years old. The 1st thing the little boy tells us is that his mother of 16 years of age marries a 74 year old man with 3 children of his own from another another marriage and has grandkids the age of his mother and older, which by the way don’t think of them as family and hate his mother.

    He begins by saying at age 3 he father dies leaving him, his two sisters and mother alone. He didn’t know much about him just knew from word to mouth about how he was a good man. Soon after the death of his father his mother remarries, not even couple of months later. She leaves the kids in Puerto Rico with her sister and her kids to go on her honeymoon with her new husband.

    While his mother did her own thing her kids were being beaten almost everyday by their cousins, which her sister allowed happen. They would torture them, make them do things, and constantly throwing threats. One day his eldest cousin who was like 18 told him that he has a gift for him waiting in the house, it was a slingshot, all he had to do was go in the house to get it. Excited he ran in while his cousin followed behind, once in the house his cousin grabs him and takes him to his mothers room throws him on the bed and begins to rape him.

    After a terrible life in Puerto Rico his mother is back from her honeymoon with her new husband and they move out to Chicago. Life seem to be getting better for the young boy and his sisters after moving, their stepfather was nice and his mother got pregnant again with another girl. Soon after they baby grew older Emilio, the stepfather begin beaten them for anything he got upset for,and mistreating them while favoring his own daughter. The mother allowed this to happen and just standed to the side while everything was happening.

    This might leave readers feeling sad, and angry all at the same time. Here you have not just 1 but 3 helpless children being beaten since they could ever remember by family who rejected them and hated them and by a man who wasn’t even their father while their mother watched.
    On page 5 he talks about his step father. “Emilio’s attitude toward us changed as his daughter got older. In short, he became an asshole. He would do things like padlock the refrigerator door so that only his daughter could drink milk... All of his anger was taken out on us. Why my mother let him do those  things i’ll never know.”

    This is a reason why any reader would be upset. 3 children starving and beaten down for every little thing. It’s sad because there are parents out there today in this world who do let their children be abused by another man and don’t care or do care but can’t do anything to help them because they're scared or being beaten as well. As long a women is being taken care of and doesn't have to do anything to provide for the family while a man does, she will not care for anything.

    I had a friend whose stepfather abused her and her little sister, the mom would never say nothing and let it happen. One day she caught him touching her little sister and try to defend her but then he began to beat her till she couldn’t remember anything after. When her mom came home she try telling her what happen, but since she didn't care she slap her and told her to stop lying. This broke my heart i couldn’t help her out i just gave her advice on how to handle it by calling the cops, she refused and began doing things like smoking drinking and having sex with different boys all the time. After a while she just up and vanished and i never heard from her again.            

    on Sept. 28, 2012, 9:57 a.m.