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Week 6 Wrap Up and Final Projects due

Week 6 Wrap Up and Final Project

the Final Project is due between Monday March 21 and Wednesday March 23.

We will take what we have learned and apply it to a usability focused design for any site on the web (can be yours or a redesign of an existing site -corporate, news, etc). This can be presented as a semi- functional prototype, a presentation, etc. Customizing a blogging tool is also acceptable, since what we are learning here is how to make usable designs. If your personal website is chosen for this project, it should be a functional site. Explain reasoning behind the redesign. 

Please feel free to ask any questions you have! 

The final  will need to be hosted somewhere (advanced features can still be placeholders). You are free to choose your host service.
  • No presentation this week. Wrap up, student  feedback and 2 daily live chats from Monday March 21 - Friday March 25 , 8:15 -10:15 am PST (GMT-8) and 6:30 - 8:30 pm PST (GMT-8)
If you want to participate in the P2PU badge program for School Of Webcraft, please go sign up here (log in with your P2PU login)
For more information, read the participation badges notice here. Everyone who turns in a final project will get a "Team Player" badge. Please also try for the "Accessibilty Foundation" badge. It also encompasses general Usability principles.

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