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2: Create development environment

Please make sure you have done task 1 before starting this. However, you can start this as soon as you like and have finished task 1.

When: May 2 - 8

  1. Work through the Lernanta installation help on GitHub
    If anything is missing, let's get that updated so note anything you think we should add then post it as part of your feedback for the week. We'll gather up all the suggestions and make the document better for future new developers!
  2. Optional: start the server, load the page locally and create an account and login
    Note: Look in the terminal window where the server is running when you create the account. It will output the activation url there. Just copy (not ctrl-c since that will stop the server but you can right click and copy) and paste the two lines into a browser window. If you get 404, remove the "=". [screenshot]

Communicating with other P2PU developers:

You can communicate with the other P2PU Developers via a mailing list, the bug tracker (on Lighthouse), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and here. Please join at least the p2pu-dev mailing list and, hopefully, the bug tracker so that you can grab tasks/bugs. If you would like to be involved in other parts of the P2PU project, there are also the community and other mailing lists.  

If you run into problems, please post a comment here, or ask on #p2pu-dev channel on freenode or the mailing list.

Writing Task:

Then, let us know how it went below (or on your blog and link to that below). Run into any problems? How did you solve it? What worked well with the documentation and what didn't? What suggestions do you have for others starting to develop on Lernanta?

Task Discussion