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5: Group feedback

Fill out a survey

End of Study Group Survey

Get a badge

Because of your work with an open source project, you qualify for a "badge" from P2PU. A badge is a way to recognize the skills you learned in this study group.

If you have committed code, you qualify for the "Open Source Contributor Badge." On the P2PU badges site, submit a link to your work and a few sentences about what you did. 

More about what badges are and why they're worth it: About the Badge Pilot

What next?

That's up to you. You've got a commit (or two or more) under your belt to an open source project. We'd love to have you continue hacking away at the platform which will make it better and grow your skills!

Want to share what you've done? Here's a site that hooks into open source projects: Plus you could put it on your LinkedIn profile. (Please link up with me and leave a recommendation if I helped you!

Want to help others? Feel free to stay in this group and help others learn how to do what you have done. One of the best ways to learn is to teach others!

Or you can go on to create your own learning project (course, study group, workshop, etc.) at Peer 2 Peer University! Maybe you want to learn Python more? Django? Git? Desktop open source project hacking?

Task Discussion