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Design and prototype your first game.

Beat the Heat, Designer: Adam Nelson of Obscure Games

In this task you will design and prototype your first game. 
Need props? Here are some prop ideas from Ludocity which could prove useful in prototyping your game 
Need extra advice? here is some words of wisdom from the top notch Sandpit Organizers in London
To complete this task create a blog post that explains how the final version of your game is played (bonus points if you create a video). 
Your blog post should include; 
  • Your pitch from Task#3 
  • A list of materials one will need to play your game
  • Any instructions to setup your game (such as the setting, how many people do you need to play it etc)
  • A round of game-play to explain how the game is played (photos or video is mandatory)
  • (Optional but definitely worthwhile) A suggested outfit to play your game.
*Photo: Beat The Heat by Adam Nelson (Obscure Games)

Task Discussion