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Supersize me; BIG games

Time to play some games in the real world (and let your peers know about it)

In this task you will escape the "little world" of games as you know them, and venture into the "real world" to discover what big games are all about. You will explore new forms of play that take place in public spaces, such as city streets, parks and other non-traditional game venues, outside of the boundaries of our tabletops, consoles and desktops.

To start with watch a video from Bristol's Big Games Festival called IgFest to get an idea of what types of games you will be playing and designing as part of this Challenge

To complete this task choose a game from the ones suggested below, gather a group of friends to play with in an outdoor space and write a blog post about your experience. 

You can also browse through Ludocity's collection of big games if you don't find something you like in this list. 

In your blog post try to answer the following questions:

  • Was the experience fun? If yes, what was fun about it? If not, why not?

  • What suprised you during gameplay?

  • How did the space affect the gameplay?

  • What strategies did players develop to win?

If you do not have a blog already, here are some recommended places to do that:





*Photo: Killer Queen by Joshua DeBonis and Nikita Mikros

*Video: IgFest 2011

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