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Choose a Programming Editor

Robust text editors or IDE's that help with programming


If you have programmed before, you may already have a favorite programmer's editor. However, if you do not, or were thinking about trying other editors anyway, spend some time trying and considering these options common in the Ruby community ...

Note that while a plain text editor such as Notepad may work for small programs, it is worth your time to invest in learning to operate an advanced programmer's editor or development environment.


  • SciTE - General purpose code editor.
  • Redcar - Editor itself written in Ruby. Still under development, but has the potential to be very nice. Clean, simple interface.
  • Notepad++ - Advanced source code editor with a lightweight interface similar to Notepad (Windows only).
  • Eclipse - Integrated development environment.
  • NetBeans - Integrated development environment.
  • Vim - Steep learning curve, but very powerful general purpose editor.
  • Emacs - Steep learning curve, but very powerful general purpose editor.

These editors are not free (as in cost), but are popular in the Ruby world:

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