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Weeks 8-10: Enhance drafts of others

This is your chance to be creative with other people's task designs.

Comment on each of the five drafts, by other five course members, as the drafts appear. The drafts are due in Week 8, and some people may choose to submit them toward the end of the week. I expect Meagan to make a draft earlier, because she will be leading Week 10; she will also need comments earlier to have a chance to incorporate them into final designs. Other than that, you have until the end of Week 10 to finish this. Week 9 is Spring Break.

In your comment, you can extend the task, or give it a twist, or suggest an alternative angle, or offer some exciting materials and references. I would stay away from completely re-designing other people's tasks. However, you can suggest re-mixes of individual parts, or point out possible problematic parts and the solutions you see for them. It will be up to each week's leader whether suggestions are incorporated in the final design or not. In either case, ideas will help to think.

Update: please comment on drafts posted by others, not in the comments to this task.

Task Discussion