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Week 8: Post your task drafts

The six Arcadia course members are now officially Organizers of this course. You have access to all P2PU course tools. You need this to plan and then to run your ed tech week. 

Add a task to our list of tasks. Name it DRAFT: $YourTopicName. For example, DRAFT: Programming

In the body, describe tasks you will be offering during your week. Follow these principles:

  • Tasks are about teaching mathematics with technology
  • The target audience for the tasks consists of teachers or parents - that is, other educators who are members of this course
  • Tasks are deep and open enough so that course members can explore your topic in their own ways. In other words, tasks invite participants to create, to evaluate, and to analyze.

You don't have to follow these guidelines, especially if you already have dreams and plans about some of your tasks, but you may find them helpful.

  • Task 1 can be about analysis and synthesis. Pose several "investigation" questions about different aspects of your field. Invite people to find sources supporting their ideas. Then, pose a synthesis question that brings all these aspects together. For example, you can first explore several dimensions of a controversy, then ask people for their conclusions about the controversy itself. 
  • Task 2 can be about participation in online communities relevant to your topic. Find an active online forum or group, and send course members to interact with it. The first part of the task can be to "lurk" around the group, for example, to find something in the archives. The second part can be about participation.
  • Task 3 can be about a tech tool relevant to your topic. Invite course members to create something using the tool. Then pose a question or two about the experience, and "tools of the trade" related to your topic.

Task Discussion