posted message: :) glad that the solutions are useful ! I have another query to Jessy Kate and Kotaro Hara - How do you structure the UMD meeting you are having today? Does it involve discussion of the concepts in the books or some kind of collaborative problem solving ?
posted message: I also have a suggestion on MathCS tasks - Since we are trying to complete 2 chapters a week, I think it will be better if both of them are in same topic - For eg we cover induction II and Number theory I this week .Similarly Number theory II and Graph theory 1 next week. If we cover 1 chapter (or 3 chapters !) on some week , then we will start discussing topic I and topic II on same week .
posted message: Hey folks, I uploaded some of my solutions for chap 1 to the flickr group . Pics are not great quality though. I have the latex/pdf file with me in case any one needs it (or can figure out how to create better looking jpeg/png from pdf !)