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Learning from the Masters & Peers

Now that you have made your creation, go learn more from others. Passionate makers created lego armies, rockets, minecrafts and more


Tinkercad has this great feature that let you copy any public object and tinker / play with it! You will be amazed to find out how artistists and creators have used very simple shapes and concepts to create exoardinary things. For example, one artistist created an amazing candy tray with a lot of curves and patterns. It turned out that he used the egg hole shape! Take one object that you like, and tinker play with it, deface it or create something and post the screenshot here.

Be sure to take a close look at how the thing was created! Hint, select all and click ungroup, continue to use this feature to see what componets are put together  - a mash of positive and negative space that created a beautiful object or component.

In your comment, attach a screenshot and be sure to explain why you like or decided to tinker this item, and what is really cool that you have discovered

If you are using other software, take a look at and see what has been done with that software. Research and record comments on the website discover any explanations of how they are done. 

Highly recommend on this one, because the copy & tinkering function is a great emphasis and it is an amazing way to be inspired and create - standing on the shoulder of giants.

Task Discussion