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Week 3 - WoW Discussion 1

Discussion 1

What is your name – what is your quest? ( Monty Python Cultural Reference

No really, what are looking to learn, explore or discuss?

Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching?

If so what subject and what level?

Are you looking at this as exploration to get a feel for the WoW or MMORPGs in general?

Are you looking at WoW as past time/networking kind of opportunity?

Feel free to discuss here or just ponder.

Task Discussion

  • Lotus Greene   4 april 2012 19:59

    What is your name – what is your quest?  My current quest: is to survive and level up enough to be able to enjoy looking around. Poor Rainetree, my level 1 orc, is doubly dead - triply, now that I've abandoned her. I got into WoW a little late last night and couldn't find the group - then I got killed, healed, killed again, and decided I didn't like being an orc anyway :). So I created a troll named Hezlek (random name), ended up at a training ground on Dark Isle Something (forgot to change to Sisters), and leveled up to 3+.  So I guess I could say I'm feeling a tad more comfortable in this awesome but oh so violent virtual world.

    My Alliance dwarf is Lunalongby, level 1. I feel so far behind that it's probably best that I explore solo right now - don't know.

    No really, what are looking to learn, explore or discuss? I've heard a lot about WoW and simply want to know more about it and its teaching/learning potential. In general, I'm interested in expanding my VW knowledge base and experience beyond SL.

    Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching?
    Virtual worlds, yes, but probably not WoW (still too early to tell).

    If so what subject and what level? philosophy, two-year college

    Are you looking at this as exploration to get a feel for the WoW or MMORPGs in general?

    Are you looking at WoW as past time/networking kind of opportunity? Not a current goal - but sounds interesting

    Feel free to discuss here or just ponder.  Perhaps later.

  • Kae   5 april 2012 02:56
    Reageer op:   Lotus Greene   4 april 2012 19:59

    Hopefully, yesterday was a little better. We'll be meeting in the Pig and Whistle Inn tonight. Let's try and get you into ventrilo so that you can participate in the conversation happening there. I think you will feel less isolated.

  • Joyce   5 april 2012 03:02
    Reageer op:   Kae   5 april 2012 02:56

    I would be more than happy to audio stream the ventrillo channel audio and then she would be able to at least hear it via itunes or Winamp. We can play it by ear, but easy to set up and start streaming on my end if need be. 


    Joyce aka Rhiannon

  • Rosavioletta   5 april 2012 05:03
    Reageer op:   Lotus Greene   4 april 2012 19:59


    What are looking to learn, explore or discuss?

    I was interested in  seeing how educators use the Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games.

    I am not looking to see how to use in a class I am  teaching but I was hoping to get to see a truly “educational” MMORPG.

    What do I mean with “truly educational”?  Just brainstorming here,  but I had imagined  games based on roleplay on true historical facts, or geographical explorations, or archeological expeditions…  based on  facts and  people that really existed. An example: The battle of Zama…

    Are you looking at this as exploration to get a feel for the WoW or MMORPGs in general?

    I’d like to share some thoughts here: I played for a couple of years in a MMORPG, and had the chance to see how an alliance works, how attacks are planned, how hierarchically organised the gamers  can be and how players can use up all their intelligence to be multitasking most of the day, logging in at all times of the day and night.

    In my experience the strongest  players were adults, often self-employed and therefore with the accountancy of their use of time well tight within their hands. Astute, intelligent, strong and not worried about the money they needed to spend to quickly recreate the troops they lost during months and months of battles before the server ended.

    I loved being part of an alliance and a proud participant when our confederates – 10 to 15 alliances   - and the alliance I was in  – every ally had around  50  players - won the final battle: winners of the server! The feelings of belonging to the community can build strong bonds between players, and I made friends in RL with some of them. I believe the easiness with which I went about my entering and staying in SL derived from the social "know-how" that I was able to build up as a game player.

    Are you looking at WoW as past time/networking kind of opportunity?

    I can’t emotionally afford participating in the WoW right now: the time zone makes it impossible for me to log in during the times when  the MOOC participants are in and – after  making  the machinima on my own – I do not wish to repeat the same "solo" experience.  Although it feels as if I was missing a great opportunity,  I also believe  a week would not be enough to savour it as it deserves and I wouldn’t like the idea of having an avatar just for a few days. DO let me know if anyone on this side of the ocean is interested in joining the WOW!

    Feel free to discuss here or just ponder.

    Let me spend a few words about avatars’ identities. I like taking care of my avatar’s  name, as it conveys the idea of just who you want to be seen as on first impression. Building on to take care of clothes, hair and even how you talk to other players influences the contacts. Never forgetting that there is a person behind every other avatar should be regarded as a main point, if there’s a person, there can be a dialogue. If there’s dialogue, there might not be a war as “not fought, every battle is won in mid.”

    Just one last highlight of how the negative aspects such as betrayals, spying, sudden changes of alliances,  are balanced by other positive aspects that players often talk about and on which they build their in-game reputation: honour, loyalty, courage, honesty, respect and, last but not least, shared enjoyment.

    I hope I have been able to convey the great feelings of social participation I felt during  my MMORPG experience in this  brief outline. If you want to take a look at newbies training, click here , don’t you think this is highly educational?

    As a conclusion here should come a battle cry…racing horses heads down, wind blown flags and the dust of the charge like a big menacing cloud rising from the ground if seen from the distance…but this is another story and perhaps the opening  of a MMORPG machinima adventure…

    Best regards,

    Angela:-:Rosavioletta :-)

  • Kae   5 april 2012 05:21
    Reageer op:   Joyce   5 april 2012 03:02

    Very cool - we'll try and get her in vent but then...alt solutions.

  • Lotus Greene   5 april 2012 16:23
    Reageer op:   Kae   5 april 2012 02:56

    Yes, Kae, last night went much much better - even though I wasn't on ventrilo. I've now installed that program but need the following information (what I jotted down from the chat window seems incomplete): Server name, IP, Port, and password. In other words, all the info that goes into the "Server" set-up box. If you prefer to give that to me privately, here's my email address:  Thanks!

  • Lotus Greene   5 april 2012 16:26
    Reageer op:   Joyce   5 april 2012 03:02

    What a generous offer, Joyce. I hope to be able to "vent" tonight, but it's nice to know there's a fall back plan :)

    Lotus aka Lunalongby

  • Joyce   5 april 2012 18:58
    Reageer op:   Lotus Greene   5 april 2012 16:23

    I had to do a search yesterday, but found all the info on how to log into the Cognitive Dissonance ventrilo server at:

    If you scroll down just a bit on that page, you will find the login info just below where it says "Voice Etiquette". 

    Hope that helps!

  • DelightfulDoowangle   5 april 2012 19:07
    Reageer op:   Rosavioletta   5 april 2012 05:03

    Angela, your insights are really helpful to me as I weigh whether I can afford the time, energy, and emotion to engage in WoW right now with my degree hanging over me. Part of me wants to adjust my questions and methodology to fit research needed in MMORPGs. Part of me wants to finish so I can enjoy the journey of experiencing the cameraderie more. And no matter what I choose, learning machinima to tell the story is required. I look forward to learning more from your wisdom Barbara :-)



  • Lotus Greene   5 april 2012 19:48
    Reageer op:   Joyce   5 april 2012 18:58

    Yes, that helps! I think I'm on vent now, Joyce. I'll find out shortly.  Thanks!

  • Beverly G. McCarter   4 april 2012 19:18

    Desraev_Hunter Night Elf_Alliance                    

    What is your name – what is your quest? Alliance = Desraev (Night Elf); Horde = Desraeh (Blood Elf)

    No really, what are looking to learn, explore or discuss? Looking to continue to explore the layers of complexity for learning experiences through WoW. I'm a certified Architect/Designer of 3D Immersive Environments focusing on the psychology of the avatar and virtual space, complexity, and the importance of aesthetics in the immersive process.

    Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching? Yes, I have already been using elements in my virtual learning builds, such as the award winning Maya Astronomy Center, Phases 1&2. But, there is sooooo much more to learn! :)

  • Aevalle Galicia/Stasia Weston   4 april 2012 17:04

    Names--Aevallekin (gnome), Aevallorc (orc), Aiobheallee (Worgen), Aetlynne (goblin)


    What are you looking to learn, explore or discuss?

    Not sure, really--so far, I've had fun just being open to the exploration of it.  The graphics and narrative appeal to the theatre geek in me but I'm also certainly thrilled to be networking with other educators and trainers who are interested in using tools such as this--it's a great group!


    Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching?

    The classes I teach are usually filled with educators and on campus, so things are locked down pretty hard--it'd take a hard sell to get them to open it up for WoW (I've been preaching for 3+ years that it needed to be opened up for SL for it to work properly and they didn't budge, even though we've been paying for a full sim for that long!)


    If so what subject and what level?

    Once I work for another institution (perhaps teaching online), I can already see it potentially being used in literature courses (just as I can machinima from last week)--students having to pick out the "key players" of their particular area and chart the struggle, the course of the action, toss-away quests, key quests, etc. I could see it being used for sociology/anthropology courses as well--comparing the races and how they were constructed.


    Are you looking at this as exploration to get a feel for the WoW or MMORPGs in general?

    Right now, yes, I'm in exploration and "play" mode, enjoying the process of getting in the flow of the game and seeing where it takes me.


    Are you looking at WoW as past time/networking kind of opportunity?

    That too!  It's been a blast meeting people who have gone through some of the same trials as I have, trying to get superiors to "buy in" to the concept of using these tools.  It's also fun meeting and working with the experts in their element and perhaps picking up methods to use when/if I ever get to use WoW as a tool in my teaching/training.

  • Gridjumper   4 april 2012 16:40


    MY learn as much as I can about all this "virtual stuff" because I just know it is good for teaching and learning.

    No really, what are looking to learn, explore or discuss?  I have heard and read about WOW in schools and initially let it go because I could not get past the word "warcraft".  As a former middle school teacher I know kids love the stuff but I honestly figured there are better ways to teach concepts than through killing.  In my current position as a staff developer it would be a hard sell.  So....I figured "don't knock it til you've tried it. There must be something to it as some really smart people are having success."  So I guess I'm in WOW this week to see what it is that these smart folks know that I don't.

    Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching?

    I wish!  Right now it's for my own learning so that I can "sell" the idea when the climate changes a bit.  I am still not completely sold on the violence factor but I do see where it could be useful in our leadership program.  I'm in collecting information mode.  I research constantly and talk to everyone I meet , picking their brains for whatever I can get.  My working world is very securly tucked behind a impenetrable firewall thus my learning is done primarily after hours, sad but true.

  • Aevalle Galicia/Stasia Weston   4 april 2012 16:45
    Reageer op:   Gridjumper   4 april 2012 16:40

    So I'm not the only one singing the "firewall blues", eh?  *grins*  We should form a support group!  Wait, this is it! wink

  • Kae   5 april 2012 02:50
    Reageer op:   Gridjumper   4 april 2012 16:40

    Stealth mode - I know it well. When I 'm talking about World of Warcraft as leadership training, this article seems to work and has actually been picked up by faculty from my resource table - Virtual Worlds, Real Leaders.

  • Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   3 april 2012 20:54

    What is your name – what is your quest? My name is Jack Mosel (JBuxbaum - WOW) (Jack Buxbaum - SL) My quest is ... Um.. Can we get back to that one?

    No really, what are looking to learn, explore or discuss? I am jumping in with both feet with my MOOC'ian brother's and sister's. WOW in Schools is believed to be and is practiced by friends I have in-world and in RL, to be authentic and practical for teaching and learning instruction. Having great respect and value for their belief in this, I am willing to experiment at the risk of.. Well, what's the risk right?

    Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching? Frankly, yes. I don't use my "spare-time" foolishly (I hope) when I invest in becoming more experienced in new technology with "games" in teaching and Learning. I'd like to think I can come away with more than commeraderie in researching WOW with my colleagues in this MOOC. If this is the only outcome.. That's cool too though, I'm fine with other content and curriculum taking away something beneficial from this activitiy. I am an Earth Science teacher and Living Environment teacher though and I think finding a reason for me to involove my students (with more core - charge) is a stretch. I will support and advocate for WOW's use therefore for many other curriculum uses. Like -- English (Writing, literature, storytelling and reading / quests and instructions), Social Psychology (Raids and core leadership dynamics, tactical organization and social behaviors), Classroom management behavior and "bonding or reward systems for team building with classes in WOW.

    If so what subject and what level? (Above)

    Are you looking at this as exploration to get a feel for the WoW or MMORPGs in general? I am following many I have great respect for as I am a willing participant and a professional in the field of education in the 21st Century. I am a firm believer in MMORPG / VR Presence in education is the way forward. Digital textbooks that incorporate this too, maybe even with WOW will be the new frontier... MORE teacher's need to have similar motivation, to test the water's and experience new things in technology in order for our economy and place in the world to become increased and MORPHOLOGICALLY SHIFT into the PRESENT. 'cause... "SHIFT HAPPENS" BABY! Woo HOO! (jumping)...

    Are you looking at WoW as past time/networking kind of opportunity? Not per se' but networking, just like SHIFT...  Happen's too!

    Feel free to discuss here or just ponder. Okay.. maybe even RANT! I'm pondering what we as a group can do next.. in the next MOOC frankly. I'd like to suggest we not lift our heads and dive straight into the Next MOOC. I believe many are "watching" and may feel empowered that we have a Guild in WOW, machinima events to collaborate on, and let's say... NEXT MOOC is for us all to enlist 3D Unity, & Blender with JIBE and get on TASK with real curriculum and content building skills. We cold "OWN" in SL, Demo and train others at events there AS WELL as also have feet planted on Reaction Grid and/or Open Sim. ALSO with this skill set in mastery, we could have individual hosting on our own desktops and not EVER be vulnerable to LL fits of policy or price hikes or politics (ever again). There i said it. In esscence we would all be the FREE AGENTS we were meant to be! and our value (as such) will be priceless as we go unified (as such) from here and.. Into the "future".. That started three years ago. Ha!

  • Kae   4 april 2012 07:21
    Reageer op:   Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   3 april 2012 20:54

    Thanks for mentioning next steps because I am really pondering where do we go from here.

    Next week - Week 4 besides programming based on suggestions from the survey, it is really suppose to be a where do we go from here week.

    We will be scheduling the EveOnline tour with John Carter McKnight to happen some time in the next few weeks.

    There are a couple of things in motion. Those of us who were involved in Programs and the MOOC Working Group did put a few things in place.

    We will be making a challenge here in P2P U for the ISTE SIGVE Machinima Fest. In P2P U, challenges are open calls to tasks. We've done a few Machinima fests now and our entry number seems to hover around 30 or almost 30. We'd really like to do outreach to have more entries.

    Grid (Tanya Smedley)and Abacus are already discussing a Machinima they would like to produce and use an outreach for Machinima, games and virtual worlds at the ISTE conference. They are scheming to send out information to everyone in the MOOC about this.

    A few of us from VWBPE Programs, for the last two years have done an Indie event in the fall. We made it to be distinctive from VWBPE. It is still morphing but does give us a time to share what we are doing, the latest updates and where we want to go. Warning - we have not updated this since the last event and likely won't until next month. We have tenative dates set for 11/7 and 11/8 but no agenda, CFP or invitations. So please save the dates! Yes, we will most definately looking for collaboration on organizing this event.

    So next MOOC....or OOC

    I have thoughts.....

    But I do agree we need to reflect.

    For right now, they are mainly that ISTE and ISTE SIGVE event may be a nice springboard for it. That would be looking at a MOOC or OOC starting right at beginning of July. If there are any institutional or other organizational events we could wrap it around that would be great.



  • DelightfulDoowangle   3 april 2012 19:49

    What is your name: So far in WoW- Wazztok, Hoard Troll (probably would have been better to choose something closer to my other names, although Delightful is just not WoW-like)

    What is your quest? Run, slash, and don't forget to jump! No really, obtain experience  and imagine all the elements that make WoW work: characters, story, scenes, music, relationships, challenge, motivation, rewards, user choice, culture, feedback, support, humor, dancing, smack talk, collaboration, cooperation, competition. How do we make such environments for learning? How would the MMO work?   

    Are you looking to see how to use in a class you are teaching? I do not teach now, but have made and delivered faculty development programs. My department has built some learning software and ideally we will integrate voluntary game-based learning across disciplines for faculty and students to use. I need to know how to interpret WoW and MMORPGs and advocate their merits. I really want to know what it takes to make and support them.    

    If so what subject and what level? If I were to use WoW or otyher MMORPGs they would be for the sciences on the post secondary gen ed level. I would begin investigations with any willing faculty innovators to start somewhere. 

    Are you looking at this as exploration to get a feel for the WoW or MMORPGs in general? I also want to see how MMO community(ies) relate. What is different in the educator communities? How can the values learned in WoW be applied to other collaborations? Can these values be taught? What is the role of mentoring?   

    Are you looking at WoW as past time/networking kind of opportunity? Since I am getting my doctorate I am interested to see how WoW and other MMORPGs fit into my topic of game-based learning. When my doctorate is done, I want to play and make friends all over the world. My impression is that people who play WoW could change the world for the better if there were appropriate venues to channel their playful constructive energy and talent. Can these players create those venues?   

    Feel free to discuss here or just ponder:  Just being around technologically capable, risk-aversive, strategic and support people is not only fun, but good for the human. Onward! 

  • Kae   4 april 2012 06:58
    Reageer op:   DelightfulDoowangle   3 april 2012 19:49

    Interesting that you mentioned mentoring, I see parallel in World of Warcraft to the faculty training I do in real life. For me, it's really looking at the zone of proximal development. What is that sweet spot, where you have a motivated teacher who wants to learn and what is that essential information or guidance that a mentor or trainer can provide that will help them level their technology skill set. I see the same thing in WoW especially at end game content at level 85. What information or mentoring does someone need to get from being an average 85 player to become high ranked player on their server.

    I am also fascinated by evidence of cognitive surplus I see in WoW. Abacus and I at this point are really exploring the quantitative analysis that is taking place at level 85. It's called theorycraft and we are loving that people on their free time are arguing math and statistics.

  • DelightfulDoowangle   4 april 2012 19:08
    Reageer op:   Kae   4 april 2012 06:58

    Theorycraft sounds like a very worthy area of research, especially at those high levels. There is considerable interplay between cognitive load and surplus that I have experienced so far as only a level 4! The motivation factors are fascinating.

    I wrote Constance Steinkeuhler to say I was learning about WoW through this MOOC with such wonderful people. I am reading her dissertation now, which represents a collection of essays from her ethnographic research in WoW. She obviously did something right since she is now a policy advisor in the Office of the President for Science and Technology. 

    Steinkuehler, C. A. (2005). Cognition and learning in massively multiplayer online games: A critical approach. The University of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI.

  • Kae   5 april 2012 02:34
    Reageer op:   DelightfulDoowangle   4 april 2012 19:08

    My first and favorite article by Constance is " Where Everyone Knows Your (Screen) Name: Online Games as "Third Places." I think with the trip over to the Alliance side with Cog Dis it does really illustrate Constance's take on Oldenburg's idea of a third place, not your home, not your work but a hangout place. The only difference is that it is online. I skimmed through the article before posting here, it is interesting to think about how Cognitive Dissonance would be looked at if it had bee included in this study. Cog Disis not only social but also involves professional networking through a few formal educationand informal education organiztions. I also think that this guild is capable of sustaining both bonding and bridging social relationships.