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Week 2 - Machinima Edit, Upload, Critique

You should have several short clips that you have captured

  • edit
  • add audio
  • add credit
  • register for an account on Youtube, Vimeo or anohter video sharing service The Machinima Livebinder has a tab on the subject)  Youtube, though the most popular does not have the highest quality.
  • Upload a very short (30 secs to 1 min) edited clip to your account
  • Embed your clip on the P2P site and prepare for Constructive Feedback (there is an embed button in the menu when you add comments and the embed code can be copied form the posting site)
  • We will provide feedback when we meet to help colleagues improve their product - format for providing SPECIFIC feedback (which BTW works great when guiding kids in providing meaningful feedback that helps the recipient to think and reflect rather than defend)  is:
  1. Warm feedback ( ex. I like how the lighting adds to the mood of the story, The sound effects are effective in highlighting the action)
  2. Cool feedback - in the form of specific questions (ex.  Have you considered...., I wonder if...., I am not sure I understand...)

If you cannot meet online please provide your feedback here on P2P.  Rember these are not completed products but potential parts of the completed product and feedback helps to perfect the final product.

Task Discussion

  • Aevalle Galicia/Stasia Weston   1 april 2012 04:21

    Mine's now done and finally up!


    (And wow, did I learn a lot of what NOT to do!)

  • Jens   1 april 2012 06:23
    Reageer op:   Aevalle Galicia/Stasia Weston   1 april 2012 04:21

    They came for the Cavorite!
    Wow Aevalle Galicia....what great work...just my style!
    Great story teller......and all the gestures.....a lot of hard work!
    I love that new trend - Silent movie going around the Globe right now .
    It opens up for focus on text and fantasi - language teaching..... say it in your own words afterwards - your story!
    Also gives us English 2. language teachers (not mother tongue) a chance to take part in collaborating....text pictures - and not voice...equal terms!
    New category - Silent movie - next year Filmfestival!


    Jens Kjaer Olsen aka Jens Nerido

  • Carl Icann   30 maart 2012 08:21

    Surfing with the Alien ---- Starring Izzy and Carl

    On YouTube:

    Watch live streaming video from solutionary at
  • Rosavioletta   30 maart 2012 12:02
    Reageer op:   Carl Icann   30 maart 2012 08:21

    Hi Carl and Izzy,

    Great work!! I quite enjoyed the choice of music: MOOC rocks!!

    What did you use to edit? I very much liked the merging of picts.

    I downloaded a Cyberlink PowerDirector trial version just for the MOOC: intuitive and apparently easy to use but have not got through the special effects..yet ;-))

    Best regards,

    Angela:-:Rosavioletta :-)


  • Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   31 maart 2012 12:25
    Reageer op:   Carl Icann   30 maart 2012 08:21

    HE HEE ! Well .. That's a 100! >>> all the toys, Another Avatar, editing, credits, cuts, Sound track,  gestures and theme.. Nice 1 Braugh!!!



  • Jens   29 maart 2012 12:26

    Hi everybody!

    Wau..things are going for you - I miss to take part!

    And I love the theme cowboys and aliens - could do tings like that in my Moon project - my film at the film contest!

    Sorry I cant cope with the time zone and job - I live in zone +9 - CET...

    I come from the MashinEVO like Rosavioletta - Italy

    I hope over the weekend to meet you all!

    I have been reading all info on your doings here everyday - soo happy about that.!

    We are educators not prof. Mashinima makers .....we are more intrest in the process for teachers and students - ok we also want a nice produckt - and can learn a lot how the prof are doing - like in RL......!

    Here link to my doings....from VWBPE...

    Kindly greetings to you all!

    Jens Olsen aka Jens Nerido

  • Gridjumper   29 maart 2012 13:31
    Reageer op:   Jens   29 maart 2012 12:26

    Yes, time zones are an issue we will have to think about the next time we do this.  So glad that you have found some value and meaning from just "looking in".  You  may decide to make a machinima on the Cowboy and  alien location where we have been meeting with colleagues from your timezone.  We can use the sim  as part of VWBPE.  Rosavioletta on this P2P site is also from Italy, perhpas you can collaborate?

    You are correct!  We are educators and our focus for machinima is different than the focus of professional Machinima Makers.  Our focus is on teaching and learning so How can we use machinima to help in out teaching?  and HOw can students use Mchinima to enhance thier learning.  In my opinion, the process is more important that the product (for education)...because the process is what causes the thinking and learning.

    Thank you for the link.  I remember watching your machinima at VWBPE, they were fun to watch and teaching and learning were evident in all the clips.

  • Rosavioletta   29 maart 2012 18:26
    Reageer op:   Jens   29 maart 2012 12:26

    Hi Jens,

    I perfectly understand when you say you miss the "being together": making a machinima is indeed a community of practice at  its best and working together one of its greatest assets!

    Looking forward to seeing everybody's productions,


    Rosavioletta :-)

  • Gridjumper   29 maart 2012 08:49

    Time for a formative assessment/reflection

  • Rosavioletta   29 maart 2012 19:41
    Reageer op:   Gridjumper   29 maart 2012 08:49

    Hi Grid and all,

    Here's my first "solo" attempt at audio-editing, must try and get some shots from the cowboy side too, even found a matching hat;-D





  • Jens   31 maart 2012 04:45
    Reageer op:   Rosavioletta   29 maart 2012 19:41

    Hi Rosavioletta!

    Just been to your location - wau....great scenery in the sky........did some recording there ....I special like the composition of your music and a colorful turning object    .......strange kind of poetic way.....sience fiction like....a kind of sad message to us?
    - As proposed we should have done something together ......! But it nice to see other ways of working here.......not only language teacher...



  • Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   31 maart 2012 12:19
    Reageer op:   Rosavioletta   29 maart 2012 19:41

    HA! I love it! what's the music? was that yours or in the grid? where's the location in SL too .. Cool! What software are you using for Credits.. Annotation... Ill incorporate that next.. Nice!



  • Rosavioletta   4 april 2012 17:19
    Reageer op:   Jens   31 maart 2012 04:45

    Hi Jens,

    True:  the sky over the island is populated with  great scenarios, and just couldn't resist the rotating grid...

    Sad, I suppose it's the sound of the whales, they sound so mysterious, seemingly huge and yet delicate...

    I agree with you when you say it's nice to see other ways of working! Always a source for new inspiration :-!

    Best regards,


    Angela:-:Rosavioletta :-)



  • Rosavioletta   4 april 2012 17:27
    Reageer op:   Jack Mosel (Jack Buxbaum in Second Life!) @moseljack (Twitter)   31 maart 2012 12:19

    Hi Jack,

    Thank you for your post!

    The music comes from Free and the location is the sky over the Edtech island.

    After using Virtual dub for editing and compressing I used a trial version - free for 30 days - of

    Very intuitive to use, it easily allows to add subtitles which is what I need for my language conversation clips.

    Best regards,

    Angela:-:Rosavioletta :-)