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Submitting Exercises

How to get your work out there


After setting up git, creating a GitHub account, and forking the coursework repository, you are ready to complete coursework assignments and submit them for review by facilitators and your peers!

After you have completed an exercise, open a command prompt (or Git Bash prompt on Windows) and follow these steps:

  1. Run git status to view files that have changed. Verify that the list of changed files are those you expected.

  2. Run git add [file1] [file2] ... [file] (e.g. in this case, git add ltp/ch01/numbers01.rb) for each file you want to be added in the next revision. Note that you must still run git add for files that already exist in the repository, in addition to completely new files.

    You can rerun git status to verify the files were successfully staged to be committed.

  3. Run git commit -m "Commit message", replacing "Commit message" with a descriptive explanation about the changes you made.

  4. Run git push origin master to push the changes online to GitHub.

  5. Send a message to the weeks assignment board and ask for review/comments :)

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