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Crafting Your Story

Concisely explain the focus, structure, and goals of your event
  1. Create Talking Points It is important to talk and write about your event using clear, consistent language so that you explain your project accurately. Craft 3-5 sentences that explain the focus, structure and goals of your event. Here are some sample talking points and FAQs—feel free to borrow or remix them. 
  2. Share your Ideas. Post your talking points in the Task Discussion. Review and comment on at least two of your peers' posts.
  3. Rinse. Repeat. Incorporate the feedback from your peers into your talking points.

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  • Jess Klein sa:

    • Hackasaurus is a free tool that allows you to remix images and text on any webpage
    • When we say hacking we mean taking something, modifying it and personilizing it to make it your own
    • There is hacking for good and hacking for bad- this is hacking for good. You can hack tons of different things: your clothes, games, your ride and even a webpage
    • We are hacking the holidays to make it more fun and interactive
    • If you are a teen between the ages of 14- 17, you should join us for the Hacking the Holidays Jam at Mouse
    i 17 februari 2012 10:01