posted message: I wonder if Friday would be better? give everyone time to edit a lil more?
posted message: Thursday night is Show and Tell. Time to show off what you have created - it could be the 30 second clip - it could be more. It does not have to be perfect - these are works in progress. We will have Q and A after each. Tonight (Wednesday) I will be at Front Range at 6:00PM SL time to discuss editing. This is optional - you may choose to use the time to work on your machinima. We will make use of Google Hangout so please be sure you have a gmail account to use for this purpose. If anyone wants the Woodsong Zapatero song let me know and i will e-mail it to you. You are free to make an entire movie with the song or create new lyrics - I will have the music sans vocals version as well.
posted message: You can post your 30 seconds on P2P as well as on the Flkr site. It will come in handy as we talk about editing.
posted message: Just stumbled upon this article Any thought about how Machinima could relate?
posted message: Tonight Machinima Monday Field Trip. We can meet at Front Range in SL at 6:30 PST- MM begins at 7:00 ay Monmarte Theatre.
posted message: Lurkers are welcome and make great extras!
posted message: I will be on here and there tonight if anyone needs an actor or some feedback or help with their machinima....don't fixate over the 30 seconds. This is supposed to be learning and fun, they do go together, and it really is good to do this with a buddy or a group. IM me..Tanya Smedley (aka grid jumper) if you see me on.
posted message: Tonight is the night for working on 30 second screen captures. You should be in a pair or a group ( you can join an existing group, if you don't have a buddy). Please be sure to have some video/screen capture software loaded onto your computer. There is a listing included in the screencapture tab of the Livebinder for this course ( the link is on the lower left side of the P2P screen for this course. Various groups/pairs are meeting on front Range between 5-8 on Front Range tonight (Wed. June 6). You may choose to join them or just lurk. Some groups may use Google Hangout to provide coaching and guidance so be sure you have a gmail account in place to be able to participate.