HTML Basic Badge

The HTML Basic Badge recognizes the ability to write an html page by making basic use of HTML tags.


More than 3 peers -- by an average rating of 3 -- have said that you can use the Mozilla Developer Network HTML reference [0] to identify and use basic HTML tags , translate HTML tags like

<div> , <p> into real world structures.

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Philipp Vladimir Támara Patiño brotherhutch Vamp Justine Lavoie Tod Robbins Ken Doman Corbin Tarrant Dave Joe Patchy Mudlark Vita botheredbybees Norma Pavlos Chris Enyert Viñas jamesweaver Malmater lmk WebDevRobert KickKan Srdjan Maravic Christopher Crawford firewire2879

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#4 Html Hunting In The World Around You Challenge

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67 Awarded, 96 Pending