Week 7 - Tying it all together

A teacher friend of yours heard you took the P2PU course 'Copyright 4 Educators,' and wrote you the following e-mail message.

Hi there,

I want to include all the course materials for my History of Music class on the school’s content management system (CMS), but I don’t know what I’m allowed to use. I want to include some books, news articles, Youtube clips, and music recordings. Would you be able to send information and guidelines on what I can use?


Brad M.

Draft a response

  • Draft an e-mail in response with resources that will help Brad find the answers to his above question.

  • The resources should help Brad understand how to determine which materials are and are not protected by copyright, what he’s allowed to do under the statutory licences or other exceptions to copyright, and how openly licensed materials might be useful.

Please post your answer in this week's google folder, under your group number by the end of Sunday 12 May.


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