How Do I Use "Rooted"?

Rooted is written so that you might study and understand the entire Bible in about three years.

In the first year we will study books of the Bible that will root us in the gospel and the immediate implications of the gospel in our lives. In the second we will survey the plan of God from creation to eternity, with a special emphasis on understanding the nature of the church. In the third year we will focus on books of the Bible that equip us for ministry and prepare us to oversee the church. Do not let the three-year timeline throw you off. The process of becoming rooted in the faith takes time. Here is how best to use this series.

Study the books in the order they are presented. Each book has been given a particular placement in the series to guide you in your growth as a Christian. Read and STUDY these books. Give yourself a month or so on each one. Read over the whole book once, then study individual passages, then read the whole thing again. If the book is short, you may read it over many times during the month. The more, the better. As you study with yourself or others, try to determine the intent of each author in writing each book and note how each passage develops the author’s intent. Finally, meditate upon the significance of each passage in more deeply rooting the believer in Christ and what it teaches about how we can live and please God.


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