Making, Exploring, Reflecting

Teach the Web has something for everyone who wants to get more closely involved with the Making and Learning Movements. #teachtheweb seeks to create an online space to connect, explore and make – and then transfer that energy into real life learning spaces.

In each topic, you'll see these three buttons:

placeholder Make something placeholderGo deeper into this topicplaceholderReflect on your learning

These buttons will guide you to make online, explore concepts and ideas online and reflect on your learning online. In short, we will use the web to Teach the Web.

Making and Learning Together

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In this course you’ll work with others on projects that hone your web teaching skills. Experienced Webmaker Mentors are ready to give tips on tech and facilitation support.

Open Collaboration

Everything about this experience is OPEN. From the conception to the planning to the synchronous sessions, discussions, projects and resources. All of it was developed by the Webmaker Mentor Community, a community of people who are passionate about helping others have a voice in the digital world by empowering them to CREATE the web, rather than just consume it.

We invite you to get involved. This experience will only work if we share our thoughts and ideas, give feedback and participate in a global community of lifelong learners. Together we can create an online space to teach and learn together.

Help Webmaker evolve

The #teachtheweb experience will be feeding your thoughts and ideas back to other teams working on Mozilla Webmaker. You can help the initiative by giving your feedback to the development work surrounding

Still not sure what this course entails?

This video from Dave Cormier explains a cMOOC really well – this experience is similar in that we're using the power of the web to learn and work together.