This course will start on February 10 and will conclude on February 28 (3 weeks).

If you have any questions, email the facilitator at karen AT k12opened DOT com.

To be eligible for HP Catalyst Academy credit and a badge for this mini-course, please sign up here.

This mini-course, which is a part of the HP Catalyst Academy, will introduce you as an educator to the “maker movement,” both in digital and non-digital realms. Making is a fun way to experience production-centered, peer-driven learning and is a great way to engage students in STEMx and to develop important real world skills.

Join us to make or hack something of your choice (a map, an app, an infographic, a sculpture, music, a zine, food, a video, a web page, a toy, or more) and to talk about the role making has in the STEMx classroom.

This mini-course is expected to take approximately 12 hours and will start on Nov. 4 and end on Nov. 22. Participants will be able to work through the activities on their own schedule during this time period.

In this experience, participants will:

  1. Experience production-centered, peer-driven learning firsthand
  2. Make something of your choice
  3. Hack or remix something someone else has made
  4. Explore how the maker movement might fit into your own teaching and learning context
  5. Connect in meaningful ways with the other teachers and learners in this group.

In this peer learning experience, educators of all ages from elementary through post-secondary are invited to come join us – we are all teachers and learners! There are no requirements except a desire to learn and a willingness to participate.

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Make/Hack/Play Together by K12 Handhelds is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Special thanks for Bud Hunt and the Center for Make/Hack/Play and the National Writing Project and #clmooc for inspiration.