Leverage Facebook to Open up New Opportunities

As the food and drinks sector's latest tech start-up, it’s our aim to lead at the front in develop-ing tech solutions that help food and drink operators in their operation whether through low-ering overheads or deliver new sales. Quick Buffet and its Partner Lube Studio are scaling the heights again. We continue in our way of setting the pace in food and drink technologies. So what have we for you today?? In this newsletter, we’re exclusively introducing ‘the Lube’ the pioneering interactive digital screens Facebook app exclusive to our business users. This is a tool that will hopefully gener-ate you more understanding of your clientele.

The Background Welcome to digital Britain and long may it live. According to the Office of National Statis-tics (ONS), in 2013, only a fifth (20%) of UK business turnover was generated by e-commerce sales. At the same time, only 44% of businesses used social media as part of their business operations. A staggering estimated £557 billion was spent via e-commerce in the U.K in 2013 according to ONS and nearly half of this taken up by the few largest (more than 1000 employees) companies. And while these figures suggest that the U.K. is the third highest of any nation in the EU to take up e commerce, there is still clearly a lot of room for growth is this sector. The figures for business social engagement are slightly better but again still present a lot of leeway for increased scope and opportunities especially for SMBs.

Did you know that Facebook has 24 million daily U.K users more than a third of the entire U.K. population (Guardian 4/022014), and 1200 million worldwide? Who really benefits from this? Yes you guessed it Mark Zuckerberg and co.

At Quick Buffet, research has shown that is generally a reluctance to understand the full capabilities social networks present within the food and drink sector which we want to help unlock.

Isn’t it time you started to leverage Facebook and other social networks to garner sales and improve your bottom line?

Well, at Quick Buffet, and our partner technologies, we can help. We can help by helping you understand and leverage Facebook (and other social networks) to help you reach your potential client base in a unique way. ‘the Lube’ will help you 1. build a larger fan base 2. identify opportunities that can help on your way to building this larger reputation.

Our approach will help you in marketing, brand awareness or just to keep your existing social fan base engaged with activities your business is involved in.

Our Digital Signage Facebook app is here and it has useful tools that can help SMB owners quantify and estimate their social network connections and help grow these further which we have seen bring quantifiable benefits to businesses. Let our new app ‘The Lube’ be your perfect companion when you want to create a buzz with your fans in 2015 and going forward.

You can make opportunities out of your existing social network signals (your Facebook likes, fan base, shares and comments) that have been tried, tested and proven to bring business success. Use your hard work and quality of your services to earn you the credibility, you can use as a stepping stone on the journey building an even larger following which in turn will help you exploit the benefits of social networking in itself a symbol of approval. Our app will be a useful companion that will help you cultivate these signals of success. In technical terms, it will be important in correcting that much important ‘metal model of your audience’ to help you leverage your network

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