Task: Personal Web Use Survey

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Before building you own corner of the web you should have an idea of what you actually use online. The more of your normal activities that your site can support, or at least integrate with, the more likely you are to keep using it and the more likely it is to actually be useful for you.

For the next two or three days I would like you to track your own online behaviour. You can use whatever tools you want, I plan to use paper and looking through my browser history, but try and keep track of the sites you visit and the apps you use during these days.

Some things to consider: how important is being able to publish to or copy from social media and which social media do you read and post to? Do you want you build a portfolio site for images and video, one based on written work, or something that balances both? Do you expect your audience to be students you are teaching, peers, potential employers, or a mix of all three?

If you have questions about how a particular interest or piece of web that you use could be incorporated into a personal site, please ask on the discussion board. Next week we will be choosing the general layout of our sites and that will be much easier for you if you have worked through some of these questions in advance.


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